Video Turorial to create your MOVE

Video with few examples on how to use the tool and diffrent surface.

 Video of how we do our Solid Combo markers

This is how we create our colorful solid marker combinations.

Will Solidos fade outdoors?

-This solid paint material is the best of its kind, its ultra resistant to temperatures from 200ºC to -10ºC (392ºF to 14ºF) and due to its high pigment quality one of the best resistant to fading.


What's the best surface?

-This solid paint is a warrior for any surface, that makes it so special for writers.

Depending on where you use it will make it last less or longer. Also depending on what combo you have, it's important there is contrast with the color of the surface you are painting on.

You decide what's best.

Can I use Solidos on a dusty surface?

-One of the secrets of this solidified paint, it writes even on dusty surfaces where no other marker can write (even under water).


Can i use Solidos under the water?

Yes Solidos works under the water you can mark many diffrent type of surfaces under water.
Carefull because its not working correctley in wet surfaces or with drops.


When using Solid Combo marker why does my tip break?

-It's a delicate product as more cuts have less strength than the wax and more carefully we have to use it, choose correctly the surface depending on your divisions, don't go hard and fast. Thats a big issue. Practice and learn how to use the tool.


How long it last a Solid Combo marker?

-Be smart to make it last longer, choosing a nice and flat surface will help, a good tip is to carefully spin the marker while you tag, it will have a better performance and make your tags much more colorful.

-Practice this spinning style to make your tags unique and special.

 How long it last Solisos marker?

Its a very relative question depends on so many things like surface, presure, size of mark etc..

Solidos has been tested in a straigt line midium presure and soft surface to last aabout 15 meters long.


What's your style? practice to be able to control the colors and combine techniques to fully enjoy this product.


Can I get featured on your social media?

-If you feel your art would fit in our market place don’t hesitate to contact us via Instagram @solid.combo. We answer all requests.

Tag your photos with our product on instagram #mysolidcombo

Can I get free samples?

-Send an email to info@solidcombo.com and tell us your idea to collaborate.


I'm interested in becoming a Solid Combo Labs. retailer.

-If you'd like to sell Solid Combo in your store, please contact info@solidcombo.com